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Multiple Functions Machine

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Double Posts Automatic OCA Vacuum Laminator Machin...

$5,199.00 - $5,399.00

Description:   1. Double-post operating, make laminating more efficiency. 2. It include the FFU and clean desk. 3. Adopt the latest non-bubble OCA laminating technology with 40-second operation circle. 4. It is suit for all size and all brands of mobile phones, including the 6.5 inch. 5. It..

2 in 1 AK OCA Vacuum Laminating and Vaccum Bubble ...

$699.00 - $760.00

2 in 1 AK Machine for iPhone LCD Refurbishing Video guide:   2 in 1 AK Machine for iPad LCD Refurbishing Video guide:      ..

2 in 1 Cell Phone LCD Vacuum Laminating and Bubble...

$850.00 - $900.00

  The video guide:     lcd vacuum laminator recommend data setting:    ..

2016 Newest 2 in 1 OCA Vacuum Laminating and Bubbl...

$1,385.00 - $1,460.00

  OCA Vacuum Laminating and Bubble Remove Machine Video Guide:    ..

Airbag Automatic Vacuum Laminating Mahine and Bubb...

$1,465.00 - $1,560.00

  For Galaxy S6 Edge LCD Vacuum Laminating Video:   Airbag Automatic Vacuum Laminating Mahine and Bubble Remove Machine Compatible with Galaxy S6 Edge Laminating More Pictures..

AK 2 in 1 Vacuum Laminator and Bubble remover Mach...

$599.00 - $610.00

This lcd refurbishment machine has two colors white and black This one is black color Here is the white color AK 2 in 1 Vacuum Laminator and Bubble remover Machine Video guide:  ..

Automatic OCA Vacuum Laminating Machine for iPhone...

$1,050.00 - $1,160.00

  The video for automaic oca vacuum laminator:..

KOMAG 5 in 1 Vacuum OCA Laminating Machine and Bub...

$1,440.00 - $1,480.00

    Item Features: 1.One button press to boot, easy operation 2.Smart constant pressure 3.Automatic shift to the laminating and debubbling mode 4.Connect the power supply can be used 5.Built-in vacuum pump and air compressor Technical Parameters: Power: AC220V 1500W / AC110V,AC220V Wo..

Mag mini lcd vacuum laminator machine also can lam...

$699.00 - $750.00

This 2 in 1 lcd vacuum laminator machine is updated by Mag machine, we called mag mini vacuum laminator. The machine also can lamination galaxy 6 edge lcd screen, galaxy s6 edge plus lcd screen and galaxy s7 edge lcd screen. Fit for most cell phone lcd refurbishing. Here is the video demo:http:..

MT 2 in 1 Vacuum OCA Laminating Machine and Bubble...

$799.00 - $820.00

  Vacuum OCA Laminating Machine and Bubble Remover The video guide:..

MT 5 in 1 Vacuum OCA Laminating Machine and Bubble...


  Machine technicals: Machine driver:AC220V  1500W Optional for AC110V /AC220V Working environment:20-30,clean and dustfree. Lamination way:Flat-plate lamination type Efficiency:90s/1pcs(Separated lamination type),1H/80pcs(defoaming assisted type) Heating mode: constant temperature heati..

New MT Fully Automatic LCD Vacuum Laminating Machi...


Specification: Function: LCD Laminating & Bubble Remove Machine Powers: AC220V 1500W Optional for AC110V/ AC220V Suggested Working Environment: 20-30℃, Clean and dust-free Lamination Type: Flat Plate Lamination Type Efficiency: 90s/1pcs (Separator laminating type) , 1H/80pcs (Defoaming ass..

New Version 12 inch 4 in 1 LCD bubble remover Vacu...

$1,790.00 - $1,880.00

MAG vacuunm laminating machine, in addition to fit the global 12 inch LCD screen Characteristics of equipment: * No Modules Needed, No Debubbling Prcess Needed * Press to Boot,&nb..

New Version Automatic Vacuum Laminating Machine an...

$860.00 - $920.00

  Operating steps: 1. frist set vacuum time 15s, laminating 35s, remove bubble 3min, temperature 40C 2. press"automatic" start pre-heating 3. open laminating door 4.tear protect film and take inside the mould 5. take glass with frame on LCD 6. click LCD centre when in right pos..

New Version for AK OCA Vacuum Laminating and Vaccu...

$750.00 - $840.00

Operate video guide:  ..

Newest MT 5 in 1 OCA Vacuum LCD Laminating Machine...

$999.00 - $1,050.00

The OCA vacuum laminator is the latest MT 5-in-1 machine, bubble remover machine, oca vacuum laminating machine, built-in vacuum pump and air compressor, easy to use. Name: 5-in-1 Laminating Machine Brand: M-T Condition: Brand New From Factory Voltage: AC 110-220V Power..

Vacuum Laminating Machine Air Bubble Remover 2 in ...

$1,050.00 - $1,110.00

  The Video Guide:..

12 inch 4 in 1 LCD bubble remove Vacuum oca lamina...


Note: This item is upgrade and replaced by  PFLCDR-040B MAG vacuunm laminating machine, in addition to fit the global 12 inch LCD screen Characteristics of equipment: * No Modules Needed, No&n..

2015 New Version 4 in 1 Machine LCD OCA Laminating...

$1,350.00 - $1,450.00

MAG vacuunm laminating machine, in addition to fit the global 7 inch LCD screen Characteristics of equipment: * No Modules Needed, No Debubbling Prcess Needed * Press to Boot..

2016 New Version Vacuum Bubble Remover Autoclave w...

$399.00 - $460.00

  Item Description 1.This item is using pressure and temperature to remove vaccum bubbles generated during LCD laminating process 2.It is 2016 newest version autoclave vacuum bubble remover wich comes with air compressor function 3. No need extra air compressor, most important this autoclav..

Built-in Vacuum Pump and Air Compressor Mini Auto...

$330.00 - $360.00

  Parameter: Name: Autoclave Model: TBK-405 Main Material: Metal Voltage: AC 110-220V Power: 500W Total Size: 39 * 18 * 30cm (L * W * H) Net Weight: 21kg   Description: Autoclave lcd oca bubble remover machine strong high pressure bubble, safe, durable and no need extra air compr..

LCD Refurbish 5 in 1 Machine for lcd refurbishment

$249.00 - $265.00

5 in 1 = Samsung Middle Bezel Splite + iPhone Frame Laminator + Vacuum LCD Screen Separator + Glue Remover + Preheater   Machine Size:37*25*40cm  Weight: 17kg Packing Size:60*40*33cm   Weight: 18.5kg Parameters: 110-220 v, 1000 w Include Bracket molds: 4 sets (iPhone4/4s, iPhone..

Manual Mobile Phone LCD and Tablet Separator for f...

$220.00 - $249.00

Item: Manual Mobile Phone LCD Separator for frame separating  Power: 300W Working Condition: -20℃~45℃, Duty-free Votage: AC 250V Weight: 7KG Size: ..

2 in 1 Bracket Frame Pressing Laminator Machine an...

$298.00 - $335.00

  1. The device Data Device Power: AC220V Optional AC110V, AC220V Working environment: 15-30 ℃, clean. Work: electric motor under pressure Productivity: one hour 100 pieces Heating mode: constant heating Adaptation: Apple a full range of hot glue frame, within a 7-inch screen shovel pla..

3 in 1 Multifunction Middle Frame Separator Machin...

$99.00 - $116.00

  Types:Separator Machine  Material:Metal  Voltage:110-220V  Package Weight:9kg    1. Built-in 2 mini vacuum pumps:  Do not need any clamps, also with the same principle in vacuum working, even on the inclined plane, LCDs can be suction tightly.  2. With..

For Samsung Middle Frame Separating Electric Heati...

$250.00 - $275.00

  Item: TBK-228 Electric Heating And Air Blow Separating Roaster Power: 600W Working Condition: -20℃~45℃, Duty-free Votage: AC 110V/220V Weight: N.W. 25KG Size: 380*390*565mm Function: LCD Touch Screen&nbs..

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