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Description1.Surface Resistivity:10^6-10^9Ω2.Underlying Resistivity:10^3-10^5Ω3.Volume Resistivi..
SUNSHINE SS-022B Safe Brush Anti-Static Motherboard PCB Cleaning Brush for Mobile Phone RepairFunction: 1.Suitable for ..
Notes: This item only can be delivery by Post Mail, DHL refuse to delivery it...
Blue Color, complete set includes five parts as below:# 1pcs x Anti-static Long-sleeved Gown# 1pcs x ..
BT-A03 Highly clean gownGranddad collar/Zip insidePractical collarFit for both man and womenUnit: cmSize of go..
Feature:Fast, targeted neutralization of static chargesDirected ionization designed for workbench areaMinimizes th..
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