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Frame Separate Machine for Samsung

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For iPhone LCD Frame Remover Machine

$28.00 - $30.00

You can adjust the temperature up to 200 degree for heating frame, it will be faster. Item size: 18*12*5cm Item Net weight: 0.72KG   Video Demo:..

Frame Remover LCD Separator Removing Motherboard C...

$52.00 - $61.00

You can adjust the temperature up to 200 degree for heating frame, it will be faster removing. After removing the frame, you also can separate the LCD from broken glass by separating wire.   You also can use this platform to remove the motherboard chip, but you need to have a Hot Air Gu..

LCD Frame Separating Machine Precisely Adjust By M...

$110.00 - $125.00

  Video Demo:  ..

LCD Refurbish 5 in 1 Machine for lcd refurbishment

$249.00 - $265.00

5 in 1 = Samsung Middle Bezel Splite + iPhone Frame Laminator + Vacuum LCD Screen Separator + Glue Remover + Preheater   Machine Size:37*25*40cm  Weight: 17kg Packing Size:60*40*33cm   Weight: 18.5kg Parameters: 110-220 v, 1000 w Include Bracket molds: 4 sets (iPhone4/4s, iPhone..

Manual Mobile Phone LCD and Tablet Separator for f...

$220.00 - $249.00

Item: Manual Mobile Phone LCD Separator for frame separating  Power: 300W Working Condition: -20℃~45℃, Duty-free Votage: AC 250V Weight: 7KG Size: ..

3 in 1 Multifunction Middle Frame Separator Machin...

$99.00 - $116.00

  Types:Separator Machine  Material:Metal  Voltage:110-220V  Package Weight:9kg    1. Built-in 2 mini vacuum pumps:  Do not need any clamps, also with the same principle in vacuum working, even on the inclined plane, LCDs can be suction tightly.  2. With..

For Samsung Middle Frame Separating Electric Heati...

$250.00 - $275.00

  Item: TBK-228 Electric Heating And Air Blow Separating Roaster Power: 600W Working Condition: -20℃~45℃, Duty-free Votage: AC 110V/220V Weight: N.W. 25KG Size: 380*390*565mm Function: LCD Touch Screen&nbs..

For Samsung Lcd Middle Frame Separating Machine

$145.00 - $155.00

This Item is used to Separate Middle Bezel Frame for Samsung galaxy S series and Note series, it with built-in vacuum pump    ..

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