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Silver Paste K-1200 0.3ml anti-static for iPhone L...

$15.00 - $17.00

Notes: This item only can be delivery by Post Mail, DHL refuse to delivery it...

Anti Static Brush for Repair

$0.45 - $0.53


Anti-Static Mat 50*70cm thickness: 2mm for Repair

$10.90 - $12.80

Description 1.Surface Resistivity:10^6-10^9Ω 2.Underlying Resistivity:10^3-10^5Ω 3.Volume Resistivity:10^5-10^8Ω 4.Attrition Rate:< 0.02g/cm2 5.Time to Dissipate Static Electricity:< 0.1 6.Size:50*70cm 7.Weight:600g..

Anti-static Dust-proof Suits Antistatic Highly Cle...

$7.60 - $8.30

Blue Color, complete set includes five parts as below: # 1pcs x Anti-static Long-sleeved Gown # 1pcs x Anti-static Trousers # 1pcs x Anti-static Hat # 1pair x Anti-static Large Size Shoe Cover # 1pair x Anti-static Gloves   Fit for both man and women   Please s..

Antistatic Highly clean gown

$7.60 - $8.30

BT-A03 Highly clean gown Granddad collar/Zip inside Practical collar Fit for both man and women Unit: cm Size of gown Asian C//B length  Chest Shoulder across Sleeve length Suitable height ①SS ..

Ionizing Air Blower Fan Ion Anti-Static 110V and 2...

$39.00 - $42.00

Feature: Fast, targeted neutralization of static charges Directed ionization designed for workbench area Minimizes the time required to perform normal maintenance Matches ionization performance to targeted work area Minimizes component loss due to unintentional ionization stoppage User comfort..

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