The traditional rework is often the use of solvent liquid cleaning steps to remove the residual glue, not only a waste of manpower, but also time-consuming;

now, We introduced a tape specifically for OCA rework, OCA optical glue removal, physical methods, super high Sticky and extensible, solvent-free, odorless,

non-polluting, easy to remove the capacitive screen TP, residual OCA optical glue, LOCA and polarized residual glue in the production and rework process of

the liquid crystal module, and the surface is clean and free of residual glue after tearing off.

After the touch screen is separated, the surface residue is glued:

Apply kawin oca rework tape to the lcd surface

Pull up at a 45 degree angle and bring up the residual tape.

The surface is clean and free of residue after tearing

Kawin oca rework tape has excellent ductility and can be completely removed with proper use. This OCA rework tape will bring a major revolution to the touch panel rework market.

This product is mainly used in the heavy industry market of touch screens, displays and other panels.

 When the heavy product is separated by the workpiece, the OCA glue will remain on the whole surface or partially on different sides. At this time, if the solvent cleaning method

consumes time and causes environmental pollution, if the solvent is accidentally selected, the component circuit may be damaged or short-circuited. situation.

Kawin oca rework tape plays a very important role, and the physical method can easily remove the residual glue.

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