1. LCD Separator: for iPhone 4/4s, the temperature usually set at 100 degree, for all others mobile, it can set 70 degree.



2. Glue Removing Machine: temperature at 260 degree, note to change the blade when it is not sharp after long time working.



3. Vacuum Laminating Machine
Pressing time: 150 (unit is 0.1s, 150 is for 15 seconds), time can be change to longer according to your needs.
Vacuum break time: 25 (unit is 0.1s), no need to change it and just use the default data, all others no need to be changed too.

Vacuum Pressure Gauge: please don't change anything on it, it is complex setting, just use the default setting is ok.


4. Pressure Bracket Machine: temperature can be 140 degree, time can be 7 seconds.



5. Air Bubble Removing Machine: Temperature can be 30 degree, pressure can be 6~8, time can be 15~20 minutes.