RL-312 Intelligent digital display fast charger Cargador with 4 USB Output

  • Product Code: PFQLPW014
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RL-312 Intelligent digital display fast charger compatible with all types of Mobile phone 4 USB 3 plugs Stable Fast charger

QC3.0+TYPE-C/1+2+1 port output/smart digital display/smart identification protocol/small portable/compatibility/standard with three plugs Can be used with original or IPHONE certified TYPE-C to Lightning lineIndependent intelligent digital display and intelligent identification protocol Real-time monitoring is clearer, charging is visible, and security is more assured Intelligent detection device voltage and power flow matching current charging More output, no charge, no wait, four USB output, can supply power to four devices at the same time Compatible with digital devices such as IPHONE, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, Meizu and other mainstream brands such as mobile phones/tablets

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