PCIE NAND Flash IC Programmer Tool Machine Repair Mainboard HDD Chip Serial Number SN Model for iPhone 6S Plus 5 SE iPad Pro

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1:  Don't need Boot Nand Flash, easy to use

2:  Support iphone 6S / 6SP / 5SE / i-Pad Pro models: SN, country, color modification.

3:  Nand Flash dard-disk capacity expansion or repair. Expand for iPhone 6S / 6SP / 5SE / for iPad Pro nand flash storage

4:  Batch / Mass Burning NAND, Fast and convenient

5:  Modify Nand underlying data. Kernel data file repairing

6:  Support Wifi underlying data repairing, remove WIFI Binding problem, changing WIFI IC anywhere

7:  2 kinds mode: reading / writing mode,  flashing mode

8:  When the Nand direction is error, automatic alarm, don't damged machine

9:   Fast testing Nand problem, good or bad?

10:  Support the functions updated and extended in future.

Here is the video guide:



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