OM-K6 EDGE Pro Airbag LCD lamination machine for Samsung edge OLED screen refurbishing

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About OM-K6EDGE Pro

● K6edge Pro use an outside vacuum pump, the vacuum and compressor system is separated, you can start vacuum laminating and bubble removing at the same time.

● The outside vacuum pump of K6edge Pro is not oil-free, you have to put vacuum pump oil before use it, but the performance of this outside vacuum pump is very good, it can generate a very pure vacuum for the lamination which can resist the delay bubbles.

●  It designed with air bag technology, soft to soft lamination apply to all kind of screens lamination (Apple, Samsung,Huawei, Xiaomi, VIVO, OPPO,LG, HTC...)

● The laminator plate size is 10 inches, bubble remover size is 7 inches maximum.

● It's very easy to operate this machine through the 5 inches controlling panel.

● The laminator and bubble remover has 2 independently temperature controlling system.

● All the electric components are selected from the big brand with very good quality.

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