JC C1 Smart Repair Box for iPhone 6 to iPhone 8 Plus

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1. Press Sw1 to shift the boot-on mode/Brushing mode, press SW1 for 3-second to shift the Chinese/English version.

2. Press SW2 to shift the current display mode(Dial mode or Digital mode),press SW2 for 3-second to boot on the PCB

   or phone.

3. Connect C1 to PC or USB adapter,then put the PCB in the correct location of the repair box,then press SW2 for

    3-second to boot on the PCB or phone.

4. Connect C1 to PC,then put the PCB in the correct location of the repair box to proceed the brushing by iTunes,can

    also open JC ID platform collect the current curves to do the failure analysis

JC C1 Smart Repair Box Feature:

JC C1 Box takes you into Intelligent repair, a new era of data analysis! JC smart repair cable C1- so that repair has

never been so easier. Still worrying about the brushing? Equipped with maintenance BOX, support 6-8P, 6 common

models in total. You can make a brush test, boot test, super protection, ultimate experience, JC C1 Box built-in 6-X

battery communication protocol. Motherboard maintenance enters into the era of battery-free

1. Long-term operation without restart or shutdown

2. Four high-precision current real-time display

3. Adopt 1.3 inch OLED screen

4. Support dial mode, digital mode one-key switching

5. Functions of the double buttons to switch quickly

6. JC C1 Box support brushing/ boot module  one-key switch

7. Support one-key boot for motherboard Chinese and English switch

8. Support JC ST platform fault detection

9. Current curve real-time acquisition, saving, analysis and comparison

10. Support brushing/ JC ST dual platforms running simultaneously

11. Compatible with IOS/Android devices

12. Support mobile phone / motherboard fast brush test

13. Support mobile phone / motherboard boot current test

Production parameters:

1. Product Smart repair cable C1

2. Material  Environmental PVC material

3. Color: White

4. Conductor: Tinned oxygen free copper

5. Application:  Apple / Android/  TYPE-C interface

6. Product functions: Charging/  Brushing/  Fault Detection

7. Body length: 105CM


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