High Temperature Resistant Motherboard PCB Fixture Holder for iPhoneX

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1. The PCB repair platform uses heat conduction of pure copper for avoiding tin-burst on the back IC of 
cell phone motherboard, apply heat conduction sticker on the back of the IC on motherboard to prevent metal directly
touching IC and cause IC damage,  pure copper heat conduction block does not directly contact the main board

2. The PCB repair platform added CPU positioning structure. No manual positioning needed, improve the success rate.

3. Designed with integrated layer tin planting function. The precision stencils are produced by world's leading laser technology.

4. Added motherboard layer separation and positioning installation structure.

5. Designed with precision positioning column, it will makes efficient repairs for separating, soldering and installation.

6. Pure copper heat conduction material are dealt with special process so that surface color will keep new.

7.Apply imported synthetic stone materials, a number of testing and improved precision processing with 500 degree high temperature
direct heating, durable and no deformation

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