Constant Temperature Working Bench for Cell Phone and Tablet LCD Refurbishing #TBK-568

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Mode adjustment method:

Press button 'SET' for 5 seconds to enter the setting mode, and the display is show as 'P0'. Then press button 'SET', 
use the button '+/ -' to adjust, 'H' is a heating mode, 'C' is the cooling mode. Choose one mode then press button 'SET' twice to exit.

Temperature adjustment method:

Press button 'SET' to enter the temperature adjustment mode, use the button '+ -' to plus or minus temperatures.
Press button once to adjust 0.1 degrees, long press can add or subtract temperature quickly. 
After adjusting to a suitable temperature, and then exit with press button 'SET' to confirm.


1. Turn on the power switch, pay attention to select the input voltage (110V, 220V), 
the wrong choice can cause a short circuit burned heating plate.

2. The temperature of error which digital display shows is 20 degrees, 
the core temperature and the edge temperature will be errors.

3. Note burns when the temperature is set to 80 degrees!

Specific parameters:

Input voltage: 100V-240V 50 / 60HZ

Heating power: 300W

Heating material: silica gel plate 

Adjustable temperature: -40 degrees -120 degrees

Video guide:



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