Cell Phone LCD and Digitizer Flex cable pressure laminator machine

  • Product Code: PFLCDR-090
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1. New version comes with one big screen to display four camera lens images; you no need to shake your head to see right and left two screens during operation.
2. There are three independent inside suctions parts for the plate, when you change the display flex, you can only use the middle suction, and no need to cover the other more holes on right and left sides. When you change the digitizer flex, you can respectively use right and left side suction to hold the LCD. This new design makes flex cable pressure laminator machine works very flexible.
3. All temperature, timer and switches on the old version are integrated in one touch screen on new version machine, it has English option too.
4. There is an extended work desktop on the side on new version; you can put some necessary parts and tools on there to make your work easy.

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