Automatic pressure machine for iPhone 4 / 4s /5 /s5 or 6 bracket and the LCD assembly

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Pressure machine features:

1.This equipment is dedicated to pressing iPhone 4/4S 5/5S or iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus bracket and the LCD assembly

2.Set the temperature of 130 degrees or so, before pressing the pressing time to 6 seconds, then stent use better glue dispensing machine

3.Put the LCD assembly point good glue stent, gently knead (note the bracket and LCD assembly symmetrical direction), and then place the LCD assembly with a box under the machine mold in hot pressing

4. manual push mold, head down automatically, automatic rising six seconds after pressing, to pull out of the mould, pressing to finish!

Technical parameters:

The input voltage: AC220V 50/60 hz
Adjustable temperature control range: 0-399 degree
Adjustable time range: 0 to 10 s
Adjustable air pressure: 1.5-8 ㎏ / cm2 (configuration vacuum pump)
Power: 500 w

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