6 in 1 LCD Tester for iPhone 6s/6sp/7/7p8/8p

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LCD Tester Description:

1. Power: 5V-15V/2A DC power or charging by USB

2. Power Switch:Main power switch

3. Charging:Plug in the power,power indicator light indicates battery is charging

4. Update Switch:Press the complay's internal use of keys is not allow

5. Model Switch:For switching different test program re-activation the switch after switching

6. TP Swith: One press to switch LCD Test or assembly test: Long press 2 Seconds to switch to the manual mode and automatic mode

7. U disk interface: Reserved plug

8. J1-J3 for port internal debugging of our company

Package included:

1 x LCD tester box for iphone 6s 6s plus 7 7plus 8 8plus

1 x 5V/2A Power supply

1 x for iphone 6s test board

1 x for iphone 6s plus test board

1 x for iphone 7 test board

1 x for iphone 7plus test board

1 x for iphone 8 test board

1 x for iphone 8plus test board

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