2017 Newest Pulse Press Machine for Cell Phone LCD Refurbishment

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1, Coaxial optical alignment head: coaxial light lens is coaxial emission light lighting technology lens,
you can more clearly detect the object defects, the image is more clear, the screen is more uniform, 
coaxial light lens imaging results Reached the international level with the industry.
Lens zoom magnification is ten times the ordinary high-definition lens.
Magnification larger, then the lens reflects the larger line, then the cable alignment is more simple.

2, Omron temperature control: the use of Japanese imports Omron temperature control.
The temperature output is stable, the temperature deviation within ± 3 ℃,
the temperature output to ensure a smooth while the row of the yield.

3, automatic access to the platform: the use of imported rails, tray automatic access, more stable,
more automatic intelligent, greatly reducing the manual operation of the mistakes.

4, automatic reel: device Teflon tape, the use of automatic motor rotation, saving the artificial time,
more convenient and quick.

5, fine-tune the screw: the use of three-axis fine-tuning, fine adjustment so that more accurate alignment,
so that cable alignment is more simple.

video for iPhone lcd refurbishment:

Video for samsung lcd refurbishment:


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