RL-M3T Trinocular HD Stereo Microscope Can be Installed External Display Device 0.7-4.5X Continuous Zoom Multi-angle Stereo Microscope

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0.7-4.5X HD Trinocular Stereo Soldering Microscope Stand Lens Digital Camera For PCB Boards Electronic Components Phone Repair

Describe: RL-M3T Trinocular HD Stereo Microscope for you to create a high-definition trinocular microscope with high internal ratio The new cool and elegant black appearance gives you different enjoyment Configuration 0.5CTV interface, wider field of view, longer working distance HD coated objective lens, no glare, clear picture Trinocular HD stereo microscope Suitable for PCB boards, electronic components, mobile phone repair, etc. External display device Multiple clear eyepieces Easy to operate, fast and convenient Wide range of applications HD optical objective Multilayer process High-definition coated objective lens, no glare, clear picture, every small detail multi-layer precision manufacturing 10x high eye-point wide-angle eyepiece Metal mirror · standard eye silicone eye mask All metal, with FMC antireflection coating High transmittance, high refractive index Lens diameter up to 25mm, clear image, no vignetting 0.7-4.5X continuous zoom Fine-tuning zoom/focus knob Fine-tuning 0.7-4.5 continuous zoom, with the focus knob, the image is fast, the picture is clearer, and refined to every milli Black and white carrier tray · 360° rotating fixed rod Bringing you a new understanding and a magical world Black and white, one on each side, one color, free to flip, see more clearly Multi-angle use More optional accessories to improve performance Circular soft LED light Use 56 highly soft LED cold light sources. Constant color temperature, close to natural light, stable brightness, freely adjustable brightness Provide you with plenty of lighting Can be installed with 10.1-inch high-definition wide-angle LCD Precision manufacturing, make the color softer, no eye fatigue, no flash screen, broad vision, sit and enjoy the same wonderful Screw mounting Can add 0.5X/0.7X auxiliary mirror (RELIFE M-21/22) Can be installed with RELIFE M-23 dust mirror HDMI trinocular microscope HD camera Visual world Stereomicroscope Trinocular The personality is cool and elegant, the British is aggressive, and the self-gentle demeanor is displayed. 0.5X CTV interface

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