Recommend New Solution B for iPhone LCD Refurbish by Cold Press Materials

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Item Description
1. It is suit for iPhone, HTC, Huawei etc. it can separate the glass, removing glue, laminating and debubble for all phone which screen within 7 inches
2. It includes below 2 equipments:
#2in1 LCD Separator and Glue Remover Machine - PFLCDR-086
#Automatic OCA Vacuum Laminating and Bubble Removing Machine - PFLCDR-111
  (this machine also can work for Samsung Edge screens, just need the special mold to protect the edge screen during laminating, and if you are not good at wire separating for edge screen, suggest you get a freezer machine to help you.)
3. This whole set no need any extra vaccum pump and air compressor, all with built-in. All machines can be customized at 110V and 220V.
4. The estimated delivery time is about 1-3 days after payment arrived, please confirm it with our sales before you place order.
5. For the operation and installation video guide, please kindly refer to each machine's video on our website by click the above PFLCDR code.

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