OCA Polarized Film Laminating Machine for LCD Screen Refurbishment

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How to Operation:

Switch the upper and lower die to fit for different size of the products

Work Pressure: 0.3-0.8MPa

Electrical control system: The machine operation is manual, please according to the technological requirements for control

You need different professional moulds for different phones

Note : This machine no need vacuum pump, converter built- in, but need Air Compressor. 

Technical Parameters :

Work style: Semi-automatic

Size(L×W×H): About 380×500×300mm

Form: Desktop

Environmental requirement: Clean, no dust room

Antistatic plug grounding requirements: Antistatic plug and power plug apar

Machine parts and surface treatment: Computer white spray treatment for frame surface, chrome plated or oxidation treatment for other parts.

Safety: Follow the "AVBU equipment safety norms V. 2 > implementation

Work cycle time: 8—10S


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