New Version 12 inch 4 in 1 LCD bubble remover Vacuum oca laminator Built-in vacuum pump and air compressor oca repair

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MAG vacuunm laminating machine, in addition to fit the global 12 inch LCD screen

Characteristics of equipment:
* No Modules Needed, No Debubbling Prcess Needed
* Press to Boot, Easy Operation
* Smart Constant Pressure; Automatic Shift to the Lamination and Dedubbling Mode
* Connect the power supply can be used
* Built-in vacuum pump and air compressor

Equipment tchnical parameters:
* Power: AC220V   1500W

Work Environment: 20-30℃, clean and dust-free
Laminating: Flat Type Lamination
Production Efficiency: 40S/6pcs(iPhone 4)
Heating Method: Constant temperature
Applicable Size: Below 12 inch
Size of Equipment: 600*350*480mm
Weight of Equipment: about 76kg 


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