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New MT Fully Automatic LCD Vacuum Laminating Machine

New MT Fully Automatic LCD Vacuum Laminating Machine
New MT Fully Automatic LCD Vacuum Laminating Machine
New MT Fully Automatic LCD Vacuum Laminating Machine
New MT Fully Automatic LCD Vacuum Laminating Machine
New MT Fully Automatic LCD Vacuum Laminating Machine
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Function: LCD Laminating & Bubble Remove

Machine Powers: AC220V 1500W

Optional for AC110V/ AC220V

Suggested Working Environment: 20-30℃, Clean and dust-free

Lamination Type: Flat Plate Lamination Type

Efficiency: 90s/1pcs (Separator laminating type) , 1H/80pcs (Defoaming assisted type)

Heating Mode: Constant Temperature heating

Adaptability: All blew 7 inch model

Size: 535*425*355mm

Net Weight: 56.5KG

Power: 800W



Cylinder size: H 180mm, Diameter 120mm (Can put 15pcs 7 inch screens one time)

Working temperature: Suggest setting 35℃~45℃ (Should be adjusted by the different OCA’s temperature)

Debubble time: Best 8~10min

LCD Vacuum Lamination Machine Installation:
a.Open the debubble / autoclave door, take the filter out and install it on the back of the machine.
Let the glass jar downward to aligning while insert the pipe.

b.The two screws on the back of the machine can be taken down to fasten the filter.
(Attention: Please check the glass jar filter each half of month, to make sure there is no water inside. If there is water, click start button and then click the bottom of the glass jar to discharge water.


Steps of Use:

A. Before Working:

Step1: Plug in and open the power switch, clockwise rotate the red emergency stop button half-circle until it automatic pop-up.
After that, the laminating function can be worked normally. Press the button to stop work for emergency.
(Attention: The red emergency stop button only control laminating function.)

Step 2: Check setting on the screen: Laminating temperature: 40℃; Vacuum time: 30s; Laminating time: 30s; Debubble temperature: 40℃.
(Attention: This is factory settings, please don’t adjust it by yourself.)



B. LCD Vacuum Laminating:

Step 1: Aligning the LCD and the new glass by alignment mould.
(Attention: Don’t press after aligning, just touch the middle of the screen lightly and take it out from the hollow of mould. This is extremely important.)

Step 2: Put the screen on the plate, and put them into the machine. Close the door.
(Attention: Please let the flex cable out of the silicon plate, otherwise it will break the flex cable.)

Step 3: Click Start button for full automatic laminating.
(Attention: Make sure the red emergency stop button was pop-up.)

After starting, it's normal that the vacuum data on the right of screen will up. 
If not, please contact technician for help.

Effect of vacuum released will be changed by altitude, the vacuum data above -88 is normal.

The air will be released by 30s vacuum time, and then the laminating plate will be slowly down with pressure 2-2.5kg.
After 30s laminating time, the plate will be up and vacuum meter go zero. Then door can be opened to take the screen out.

C. LCD Debubble:

Step 1: Use spanner to open the autoclave door.

(Attention: Before open the autoclave door each time, please make sure there is no gas inside the cylinder.
Check ways: the pressure goes to zero.)

Step 2: Put screen inside the cylinder and close the door by spanner.

(Attention: Each time can put more screens. Don’t close the door too tight by spanner or it will lowering the life of screws.
Screw them by normal strength, watch the pressure during debubbling, no air leakage.)

Step 3: Click start button to debubble, and wait until it automatic release the air to finish debubble. And then, open the door.

(Attention: 1. After clicking start button, debubbler will keep 6kg pressure for 10mins. Debubble time can be adjusted according to 
the size of bubbles, at least 5-10mins; 2.When power failure, the air inside the air jar can be released by red device.)

Step 4: After debubble, take it out. Check whether the display and touch are work normal. 

(Attention: Before open the autoclave door each time, please make sure there is no gas inside the cylinder. 
Check ways: the pressure goes to zero.)


4.LCD Vacuum Laminating Machine Maintenance:

A. Cylinder: Keep clean, no clutter.

B. Turn off the power after using to prolong the life of heating tube.

C. Condenser: Clean it regularly, do not plug

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