3 in 1 Multifunction Middle Frame Separator Machine LCD Hot Plate Machine LCD Removal Machine for Samsung

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Types:Separator Machine 



Package Weight:9kg 

1. Built-in 2 mini vacuum pumps: 
Do not need any clamps, also with the same principle in vacuum working, even on the inclined plane, LCDs can be suction tightly. 

2. With 2 operating panels: 
The model in the left is for LCD separating for Samsung Galaxy S Series, the right one is for Samsung Galaxy Note Series, this is that you can separate 2 different LCDs at the same time. 

3. Easy to operate, plug and play: 
You do not need to adjust any settings, just plug the power, press the buttons, the machine can do all for you 

Compatible with Samsung: Galaxy S Series and Galaxy Note Series

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