-175C Frozen Separator Machine LCD Touch Screen Separating Machine Freezing Separator TBK-578

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Frozen Separator Features:

1. Separating the Glass, Separating the OCA, Separating the Frame of Samsung, Separating the Backlight for iPhone.

2. Protect polarizer film when separating broken glass, So no need to change the polarizer film if original polarizer not damaged.

3. Can keep the backlight  (Need to be careful, easy to damage), Also can take off the backlight.


How to Use:

(Before using, the machine need around  50 minutes to cold down to the defult working temperature)

Put the LCD in freeze pate.

After several seconds to 2mins, Based on different screen, Then take out and separate it. 

Reminder Note:

1. It is much easier to separate the bracket and others before freezing.

2. Pay attention to the back light water inlet.

3. Pay attention to the water treatment after separation and the temperature recovery.

4. When separating the curved screen, the separation risk caused by the temperature difference between the two sides of the curved surface screen need to pay more attention.

5. After LCD separating , pls put the glue side upward to avoid stick to the surface you put after the temperature return to the normal.


Video Demo:

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