12" Vacuum Laminating Machine for LCD Touch Screen Repair OCA Laminating Machine

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2015 New design vacuum oca laminating machine for iphone repair

OCA vacuum laminating machine Parameter:

Brand name :vacuum oca laminating machine 

Fuction:  laminating

Power: 1000W

Weight :55KG

Voltage: 220V/110V

Speed :4pcs/10seconds

The screen size suitable for: 12inch

Size: 56cmx36cmx45cm


OCA vacuum laminating machine features: 

1, all the main parts adopt imported materials, high-end positioning, price real benefit; 

2, available mold laminating rapid and accurate, can also be without mould, convenient and quick; 

3, import mute type vacuum pump with the negative conversion rate control system. Automatic really Air induction system, to ensure that the laminating perfect; 

4, stationary simplex laminating, reduce the incidence of mechanical failure and products as much as possible Registration accuracy and stability in guarantee and improve the production efficiency; 

5, the mould adopts unique vacuum conduction structure, effectively avoid the conventional aprons Seal after the replacement of jig mold surface generated by uneven phenomenon; 

6, laminating area of up to 12 inches, can fit 4 screen at the same time, the efficiency of first-class

110V/220V LCD Touch Screen OCA Laminating Machine Laminator
need work with air compressor and vacuum pump
pipes connecting with air compressor and vacuum machine 1unit

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