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Professional Solution D Plus for LCD Refurbish Full Line Equipments

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    Item Description

    1. It is suit for iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Huawei, etc. all phone which screen less than 12 inch

    2. It includes below 8 equipments:
    LCD Separator Machine Automatically Type with vacuum pump - PFLCDR-012
    Glue Removing Machine - PFLCDR-014
    OCA Polarized Film Laminating Machine - PFLCDR-015
    OCA Laminating Machine with Vacuum Pump(it suit for 12 inch screen)PFLCDR-050
    Bubble Removing Machine Autoclave - PFLCDR-053
    New Version Frame Laminating Machine with full set molds for iPhone4/4S, iPhone5/5S/5C, iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus - PFLCDR-027
    Air Compressor - PFLCDR-020
    Middle Frame Separator Machine - PFLCDR-029 (it also with a heat plate to support heat the glue before you separate the frame, and also can separate LCD, in this solution, that means you have two LCD separators for higher work efficency.)

    3. The estimated delivery time is about 3 days after payment arrived, please confirm it with our sales before you place order.

    4. For the operation and installation guide, please kindly refer to each machine's video on our website by click the above PFLCDR code.

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